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Where animals are bred based on history

We are located in americus, georgia.

( Southwestern Georgia )


We are proud to say our Boer Goats are All Natural, Free Range and Vegetarian Fed  animals.


We have traditional & non-traditional Boer goats playing in our field and participating in our breeding program. these goats range from red, dappled and traditional color patterns and from pure blooded to even percentage. 


 We are happy to say that we are not & do not use unregistered bucks in our breeding programs to produce registerable BOER GOATS of any % . This is to help in the tracking of the animals that we breed  and to protect the integrity of the Boer goat blood line that comes off  our farm.


we breed our goats to create the highest quality of show animals from the genetics that we have access to. we look at the boer goat as a Major  meat goat  in the ......................................

united states                                                                 


We do have a few Commercial boer goat in our 4-h and ffa progam and are ready for your show and commercial goat program


All of our Show Goats  or Show quality goats are Registered or can be Registered


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Auctions for free stuff at 
To give you a littl idea of how ourfam is I made a short movie
My sggestion is t hi play then pause an let is buffer the wole movie before you watch, 
Sorry if it takes awhile to load
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